The Shanxi Palace – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | April 7, 2023

by Charlie Chin. Posted April 7, 2023.    “You chinks and gooks come over her to America, you can’t even speak the language properly, you don’t follow the rules.  Aren’t you ashamed of taking jobs away from White people?  The health inspector used his ball point pen to date the form, June 18, 2022, signed…

Lauren Tamaki: Her Art Illuminates and Protests the WWII Incarceration of Japanese Americans

By Contributed | March 23, 2023

By Linda Wing. Posted March 23, 2023. In 1983, Miné Okubo testified before the U.S. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians. She submitted a copy of her 1946 book entitled Citizen 13660 as eyewitness evidence of the daily injustices experienced by those imprisoned by the federal government. Okubo was among those incarcerated. The…

Philly Coalition to Save Chinatown Creates Joyous Video

By Eddie Wong | March 22, 2023

by Eddie Wong. Posted March 22, 2023. There’s no better way to popularize a cause than to create a video that conveys the spirit of the people fighting to save their community.  This is exactly what the Philly Community Access Media released today. Share it with friends. Here’s what the No Arena in Chinatown Solidarity…

Facing Displacement from 76ers arena project, Philly Chinatown says “NO!”: Interview with Kaia Chau and Taryn Flaherty, Students for Preservation of Chinatown

By Eddie Wong | March 17, 2023

Interview with Kaia Chau and Taryn Flaherty by Eddie Wong. Posted March 17, 2023 Introduction:  Philadelphia Chinatown is facing an imminent threat to its survival as the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team seeks to build a new arena at its doorstep. Kaia Chau, a junior at Bryn Mawr College, and Taryn Flaherty, a sophomore the University…

Tutti – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | March 13, 2023

By Charlie Chin. Posted March 13, 2023.     Tutti didn’t see the truck that killed him.  I remember he was looking back at me and laughing as he got out of the van.  The driver of the Ford Ram had swerved to avoid hitting a school kid crossing the street.  I jumped out of…

The Cargo Rebellion Explores Chinese Sailors’ Mutiny and Diasporic Cultural Legacies in Music

By Contributed | March 5, 2023

by Grant Din. Posted March 5, 2023 The graphic novel, The Cargo Rebellion: Those Who Chose Freedom, and its accompanying essays tell the story of important yet little-known areas of labor and Chinese/Chinese American history through the lens of the mutiny of Chinese workers on the Robert Bowne in 1852.  Kim Inthavong’s strikingly dramatic illustrations…

Who should read How We Win The Civil War – Securing a Multiracial Democracy and Ending White Supremacy for Good by Steve Phillips

By Contributed | March 3, 2023

A review by Susan Hayase, Posted March 3, 2023. Everybody.  If you care about the situation we are in today, the grim and unabated persistence of attacks on democracy, the growth of fascism, you should read this book.  If you feel committed to being a part of the struggle, and if you want your commitment…

MOSF 18.1: Sara Dosa’s Fire of Love…and the Fires Within

By Ravi Chandra | February 28, 2023

Sara Dosa’s “Fire of Love” is nominated for a 2023 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. This outstanding film stirred me to think about the fires within our hearts, minds, and societies as we erupt into a new world.

The Power of Storytelling Affirmed in African American Stories by Claire Hartfield

By Contributed | February 22, 2023

by Linda Wing. Posted February 22, 2023. Grammie was a storyteller. Born in Mississippi, she found herself parentless at the age of 14. She worked as a nanny in New Orleans before being drawn to Chicago as part of the Great Migration, a mass movement of blacks from the south to the north that began…

A Personal Reflection: Japanese Americans in the Age of Reparatory Justice

By Contributed | February 14, 2023

By Susan Hayase. Posted  originally in Unity News 2022 on October 7, 2022 and reposted February 14, 2023. Preamble: Many people are familiar with the standard narrative about the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese and Japanese Americans by the U.S. government during WWII.   Far fewer know anything about the legislation providing for a token compensation…