Something about me today…To All Relations – Book Review of Nobuko Miyamoto’s Not Yo’ Butterfly by Miya Iwataki

By Contributed | November 29, 2021

Not Yo’ Butterfly: My Long Song of Relocation, Race, Love and Revolution by Nobuko Miyamoto – Book review by Miya Iwataki. Posted Nov. 29, 2021 I met Nobuko Miyamoto during a New York visit back in the day when she was still JoAnne and I was still “Linda.” It was a special time in New…

MOSF 16.9: An Ugly Truth: Social Media, the American Psyche, and Preventing Civil War

By Ravi Chandra | November 27, 2021

We need to check social media, particularly Facebook, in support of actual society. “If we put out the wildfires of social media, maybe we can have a shot at growing back the rainforests we’ve destroyed, another effect of our outsized ego of limitless growth and greed.”

MOSF 16.8 – The Soul of America: Gosar, Biden, and Beyond

By Ravi Chandra | November 22, 2021

Memoirs of a Superfan Volume 16.8 – The Soul of America: Gosar, Biden, and Beyond Ravi Chandra November 22, 2021 Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) was censured and stripped of his committee assignments by the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021, mostly along party lines. Gosar tweeted a violent video depicting himself “slashing…

Man@ng As Deity – Revised and Reimagined Premieres Dec. 3, 2021 in SF

By Eddie Wong | November 21, 2021

By Eddie Wong. Posted November 21, 2021 Alleluia Panis’ dance/theater production of Man@ng As Deity played to packed houses at SF’s Bindlestiff Studio in March 2019. Filmmaker Jade Verdeflor and I were thrilled to witness and videotape a rehearsal for this workshop production. See Man@ng is Deity at Bindlestiff  Studio 2019. Through dance, theater and…

Georgia on Our Minds: Interview with Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood, AAAF

By Eddie Wong | November 19, 2021

By Eddie Wong. Posted Nov. 19, 2021 Songwriter Hoagy Carmichael gifted American popular culture with the unforgettable “Georgia on my mind” , expressing longing and love. Today, Georgia is on our minds as a battleground state where  progressives are under attack by reactionary forces led by the Republican Party. Voter suppression laws and partisan gerrymandering…

Doug Wong Won’t Be Coming by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | November 17, 2021

 Posted November 17, 2021. Matters of the heart is a theme Charlie Chin explores in this latest in a series of stories rooted in Chinese American history and tradition.       You should never show that you’re upset when talking with your partner.  Don’t raise your voice, and don’t get snippy.  When I got…

Prayer for Jasper by Genny Lim

By Contributed | November 12, 2021

Jasper Wu, a 23 month old sleeping child, was killed on November 6, 2021 when a stray bullet smashed through the windshield of his mother’s car as they were driving home from San Francisco to Fremont, CA on Highway 880 in Oakland, CA.  Poet Genny Lim offers this poem at this moment of great sorrow…

Reflections on the 50th anniversary of “Manzanar,” the UCLA Ethnocommunications Program and early Visual Communications films with Robert A. Nakamura

By Eddie Wong | November 10, 2021

By Eddie Wong. Posted Nov. 10, 2021 Robert A. Nakamura is recognized fondly as the Godfather of Asian American film. The Founding Director of Visual Communications – the nation’s first community-based non-profit film/video production company – and an esteemed professor at UCLA Department of Film and Television and the Asian American Studies Center, Robert was…

FOUND POETRY: Decoding the Ode on the Red Silk Jacket    

By Contributed | November 3, 2021

By Suzi Wong. Posted November 3, 2021. I’m the one with the advanced degree in Comparative Literature, but it was my ninety-year-old mother who discovered one of China’s most treasured poems hiding in my off-the-rack, tourist- trade Chinese jacket. My mother’s humble skills as a seamstress trumped my college degrees and educated ignorance. She, Siu…

MOSF 16.7: Jay Caspian Kang and The Loneliest Americans vs. the Psychology and Reality of Asian America

By Ravi Chandra | October 20, 2021

A review of the exasperating book, The Loneliest Americans by Jay Caspian Kang