MOSF 18.11: Abusive Power and Megalomania Perpetuate Racial, Cultural, Transhistorical, & Intergenerational Trauma (Part 2)

By Ravi Chandra | October 15, 2023

Megalomanic and dominating drives drove colonization and the founding of the nation, and persist as overt and unconscious forces that subordinate compassion and shared humanity. Naming these abusive forces helps us fight and transcend them. With link to lecture and podcast, and an added commentary about the situation in Gaza and Israel.

MOSF 18.10: Treating America’s #1 Addiction: Abusive Power (Part 1)

By Ravi Chandra | October 7, 2023

Memoirs of a Superfan vol. 18.10: Treating America’s #1 Addiction: Abusive Power (Part 1) by Ravi Chandra October 7, 2023 (Indigenous People’s Day weekend)   Excerpted from a talk given on October 2, 2023, Gandhi’s birthday and the International Day of Non-Violence. That talk is linked as a YouTube video below. I start off archly…

MOSF 18.9: On Creating Transitional Spaces to Heal Intergenerational Trauma (EAAPAAO Part 5)

By Ravi Chandra | October 5, 2023

Trauma creates disconnection and conflict; how do we create belonging? A conversation and podcast on “Speaking out and calling in with bravery and humility,” sponsored by Tadaima 2022.

Chinese American, Mexican American, and African American Trailblazers in the Struggle for Equal Educational Opportunity

By Contributed | September 20, 2023

By Linda Wing. Posted September 20, 2023 Preface I am always on the lookout for books offering interesting walking routes. Recently, I discovered 41 Berkeley Walking Tours published by the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association. This guide gave me the opportunity to follow a different path on each walk and, along the way, to learn about…

BAYANIHAN…KAPWA… MAKIBAKA! Guides Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ) to its Milestone 50th Anniversary 

By Contributed | September 14, 2023

By Geraldine Alcid. Posted September 14, 2023. BAYANIHAN (Town, nation, or community) is the spirit of communal unity and cooperation.  KAPWA (Kindred) means embracing our shared identity and caring for one another.  MAKIBAKA (Struggle) is the term used to refer to people coming together for change through struggle.  These three Tagalog words embody the spirit…

The Alameda Monster – A Charlie Chin Short Story

By Eddie Wong | September 14, 2023

By Charlie Chin. Posted September 14, 2023.      “What do you know about Cephalopods?” Carmen Chung stopped typing and looked up from her computer screen at her assistant, Olivia Kim.      “What?  You mean octopus?”      “Yeah, you know, squids, octopus, that kind of thing?”  Carmen was accustomed to being asked odd questions, it’s…

What’s the Matter with “Oppenheimer?”

By Eddie Wong | August 27, 2023

by Eddie Wong. Posted on Aug. 27, 2023. Christopher Nolan’s hit film, “Oppenheimer” has stirred much commentary over the exclusion of any images or direct mention of the victims of the U.S. Army’s use of atomic bombs. Never mentioned in the film is the horrific toll on the Japanese people: an estimated 220,000 people killed…

MOSF 18.8: A Modest Proposal: Vivek Ramaswamy Takes My Civics Exam

By Ravi Chandra | August 25, 2023

Ramaswamy did not come off as deep in either policy or understanding of any of the issues or histories, from domestic affairs to national security. He’s a flashy, elbows-out, sloganeering punk who can’t be taken seriously for a second. He deserves eye rolls, not eyeballs. Maybe he’s chumming the water to prepare for the second coming of the Great White himself.

The Ballad of Ah Jake – A Charlie Chin Short Story

By Contributed | August 16, 2023

by Charlie Chin. Posted August 16, 2023       Harry and Margaret Yuen thought a small summer cabin up by Placerville, California would be fun.  San Francisco Chinatown was crowded, dirty, and now, getting more expensive.  Harry had seen his investment in that Tech company stock grow quickly and wanted to put his profits…

50 Years Ago, CANE Sounded The Alarm About Saving Japantown And The Need for Affordable Housing

By Contributed | August 12, 2023

By: John Ota. Posted August 12, 2023 50 years ago, CANE, the Committee Against Nihonmachi Eviction, addressed at least two matters that remain urgent, on-going issues today: saving Nihonmachi (Japantown) and the need for more affordable housing. Saving Japantown In recent years, many have raised concerns regarding the demise of the 43 Japantowns that once…