1 800 273-8255 : Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | August 3, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted August 3, 2022.         Let’s face it, finding a rotting foot in an old running shoe is a shock.  It all came about because The Kokuho Rose, Terri Burger, and their dog, Tiger, were rooting around the sand down by the beach near the Marina in San Francisco.…

By the time you read this, I might have been deported to a country I haven’t seen since I was 4

By Contributed | July 27, 2022

By Phoeun You. Posted July 27, 2022 Intro: We are pleased to present this direct appeal from Phoeun You, which was also published in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 25, 2022. Please see the instructions at the end of the article on how you can help prevent his deportation. Many thanks to Kathy Kojimoto and Asian Americans Advancing…

One Love Story Behind Marriage Rights: The Roldan Family

By Contributed | July 20, 2022

By Susie Ling with Bryan Roldan. Posted July 20, 2022 This is a story about a Filipino American who fell in love. He met her at Brookside tennis courts in Pasadena. She was beautiful and a talented pianist. He was striking in his tennis whites; he had dreams of medical school. Her name was Marjorie…

Creating a Culture of Peace: Statement of the National Council of Elders

By Ravi Chandra | July 9, 2022

Creating a Culture of Peace: Ukraine, Buffalo, Uvalde: We are veterans of a long struggle for social justice in our nation and peace in the world. We are the National Council of Elders (NCOE) and stand alongside legions of elders who work to resist oppression and build dreams of new worlds. Our commitment is to accompany younger twenty-first-century leaders in their effort to bring a greater measure of justice, equality, and peace to our country and world.

Independence Day 2022 – First the Fireworks, Then the Flames

By Eddie Wong | July 5, 2022

By Eddie Wong. Posted July 5, 2022 The fourth of July is hailed as our nation’s birthday, but most people celebrate it as the “official” start of summer, a season cherished for its long days, warm weather, and promises of endless fun. But this fourth of July carries a weight that wears on the mind…

Northern Boulevard – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | July 1, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted July 1, 2022 Introduction:  We’re still reeling a bit from the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. Here to put things in personal and historical perspective is Charlie Chin. In 1961 I was seventeen and one of only four Orientals in my High School in Queens, New York City.  I…

Ching Chong Chickenshits Who Have Forgotten Who They Once Were: An Interview with Benjamin R. Tong

By Eddie Wong | June 25, 2022

Interview by Eddie Wong with Dr. Benjamin Tong. Posted June 25, 2022. The following interview of Dr. Benjamin R. Tong by Eddie Wong was prompted by the issue of how to address historical trauma among Chinese Americans. We recently commemorated the 140th anniversary of the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act. We know that acts…

MOSF 17.9: “Can I Withhold Care from a Bigot?” A Brown Psychiatrist’s Perspective

By Ravi Chandra | June 25, 2022

Caregivers and caregiving teams in health care, education, and child care have reported increased stress during the pandemic. Burnout and resignations have reportedly increased. Simultaneously, issues of racial justice, and LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights have risen to the forefront of broad public consciousness, triggering both calls to action and reactionary, defensive pushback. Socio-political issues clearly have an impact on caregiving. They can either divide us, or bring us together in service to broader, essential, critical, indispensable duties of caregiving. This essay is an attempt to offer insight, clarity and allyship from my position as a psychiatrist and writer for all those impacted by these tensions, and thus assist affinity, study, support, and action groups that continue to form.

Building a Foundation for Diversity and Inclusion – Ballico Taiko

By Contributed | June 20, 2022

By Chris Kubo. Introduction by Wendy C. Horikoshi. Posted June 20, 2022. East Wind ezine wishes to thank Wendy Horikoshi for allowing us to print this article from her April 2022 newsletter associated with her consultant practice, Transformative Leadership. Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends, I’ve asked Chris Kubo, head the youth taiko group with Ballico…

A Personal Reflection on Asian & Black Solidarity in Remembrance of 40th Anniversary of Vincent Chin

By Contributed | June 18, 2022

By Mabel Teng. Posted June 18, 2022. On June 23 four decades ago, Vincent Chin died a brutal death at the hands of two white men.  What lessons have we learned and where do we go from here? “The legacy of Vincent Chin and the campaign for justice offers lessons to all on how people…