Ceasfire, Saving Lives, Building Peace – A Message from Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and James Zogby, Arab American Institute.

By Contributed | December 29, 2023

Posted December 29, 2023. Since the horrific Hamas attack on October 7 and the near-continuous bombardment of Gaza by Israel that followed, and is yet to stop, we have all been filled with shock and grief.  All of our liberation is bound up in the liberation of the Palestinian people, and so, in response to…

Banner Year: Favorite Asian/American Media of 2023

By Contributed | December 20, 2023

By Valerie Soe. Posted December 20, 2023  Sensitive, Past Lives, 2023 2023 was, to paraphrase Dave Markey, the year Asian American media broke. Beginning by Everything Everywhere All At Once taking home a phenomenal seven Oscars at the Academy Awards, including Best Picture, it was a banner year for Asian and Asian American media. Emotional,…

Stay Warm – A Charlie Chin Short Story

By Contributed | December 12, 2023

By Charlie Chin. Posted December 12, 2023. “Today President Wilson has officially declared that the United States is joining the European Allies in the Great War.”  Detective Carter shook his head in disgust as he put down the newspaper.  He had seen enough of battle.  He had his fill in 1900 when he took part…

MOSF 18.12:  Election Season 2024: Deconstructing the Trump/Far-Right Playbook and Propaganda, and Constructing a Positive Response From Our Shared Humanity and Reality

By Ravi Chandra | December 1, 2023

2024’s consequential election season looms. Psychiatrist Ravi Chandra takes a look at the Far-Right playbook and the choice between autocratic and egalitarian-in-progress choices, with a focus on psychology, propaganda, and dangerous influences that are amplifying chances of violence.

AZ AANHPI for Equity Gears Up for 2024 Election with $100,000 Matching Fund Drive

By Eddie Wong | November 24, 2023

By Eddie Wong. Posted November 24, 2023 We are less than one year away from a presidential election that could return Trump to the White House and plunge our country into an authoritarian abyss where civil rights will be sharply curtailed.  Whipping up racism and xenophobia against immigrants and Muslims is not new to Trump…

The Eagle – A Charlie Chin Short Story

By Contributed | November 13, 2023

By Charlie Chin. Posted November 13, 2023.      Dr. Winters carefully filled out the death certificate.   Date:  The year of our Lord 1868.  Location:  Mule Shin, Montana.  The deceased was named William Borough Belmont, also known as “Texas Willy.” Cause of death:  Misadventure with a poisonous snake.  As the only doctor in town, Dr. Winters…

How Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 Can Inspire Us in 2024

By Eddie Wong | November 11, 2023

By Eddie Wong.  Posted November 11, 2023. Sixty years ago on November 14, 1963, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the young, militant component of the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), led the organization towards a bold strategy to confront entrenched white supremacy in Mississippi.  COFO, which also included the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)…

Nisei Legacy Tour 2023: A Journey of Remembrance

By Eddie Wong | October 27, 2023

By Eddie Wong. Posted October 27, 2023. My wife, Donna Kotake, had wanted to visit Bruyères, France where her father, Kingo Kotake, fought during WWII with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team for quite some time. The Nisei soldiers fought hard for one month in the steep, rain-soaked hills of the Vosges Mountains to open a…

How To Write A Short Story – A Charlie Chin Story

By Contributed | October 20, 2023

by Charlie Chin. Posted on October 20, 2023.    After we had made love, Paula whispered in my ear that she liked the taste of my semen.  Which, of course, was a lie.  But like all men, I chose to believe it.    Later I found out she might have been lying about everything.   But I…

MOSF 18.11: Abusive Power and Megalomania Perpetuate Racial, Cultural, Transhistorical, & Intergenerational Trauma (Part 2)

By Ravi Chandra | October 15, 2023

Megalomanic and dominating drives drove colonization and the founding of the nation, and persist as overt and unconscious forces that subordinate compassion and shared humanity. Naming these abusive forces helps us fight and transcend them. With link to lecture and podcast, and an added commentary about the situation in Gaza and Israel.