For Asian Americans, January Brings Memories of Tragedy and Hope for Change

By Contributed | January 27, 2024

ByHelen Zia. Posted January 27, 2024 with author’s permission from Ethnic Media Service, Jan. 16, 2024. Memorials for those killed in attacks targeting the Asian American community are a reminder both of the pain and of how activists are turning tragedy into a chance for real change. Above: Vicha Ratanapakdee Way in San Francisco, named…

‘Beef’ nails the complex reality of Asian American family life—and it’s groundbreaking

By Contributed | January 26, 2024

Most depictions of AAPI families aren’t widely seen, but the popularity of ‘Beef’ has changed that in such an amazing way. By Jane Kim. Posted January 26, 2024. (Note: An earlier version of this review appeared in on May 24, 2023). Updated Introduction: If you haven’t seen “Beef,” as Lizzo succinctly put it, it’s…

The Tragedy of the Seventh Day – By Jon Lee. Republished from California Folklore Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 4 October 1942

By Contributed | January 18, 2024

Introduction by Eddie Wong. Posted January 18, 2024. One of the delights of doing research is that of the serendipitous discovery. This is precisely what happened when I was reading Hua Hsu’s A Floating Chinaman – Fantasy and Failure across the Pacific (Harvard University Press, 2016) researching the life of H.T. Tsiang, an actor, writer…

Chicken Skin – A Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | January 10, 2024

By Charlie Chin. Posted January 10, 2024 From the files of the Bureau of Unusual Occurrences.  Quarterly report to main office.  Agents Carmen Chung and Olivia Kim reporting.  These transcripts are taken from collected field recordings of the last three months.   Interviewers poised the question “What is the strangest story you have ever heard?” Case…

Rest in Peace/Rest in Power – A Tribute to Alan Nishio, A Fierce and Gentle Warrior

By Eddie Wong | December 31, 2023

Article by Eddie Wong with the poem “Thank you, Alan” by Susan Hayase. Posted December 31, 2023 Longtime activist, educator, and leader in the Los Angeles Japanese American community and progressive movement, Alan Nishio died on December 27, 2023 after a 17-year battle with cancer.  And what a battle it was –seven surgeries, four rounds…

Ceasfire, Saving Lives, Building Peace – A Message from Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and James Zogby, Arab American Institute.

By Contributed | December 29, 2023

Posted December 29, 2023. Since the horrific Hamas attack on October 7 and the near-continuous bombardment of Gaza by Israel that followed, and is yet to stop, we have all been filled with shock and grief.  All of our liberation is bound up in the liberation of the Palestinian people, and so, in response to…

Banner Year: Favorite Asian/American Media of 2023

By Contributed | December 20, 2023

By Valerie Soe. Posted December 20, 2023  Sensitive, Past Lives, 2023 2023 was, to paraphrase Dave Markey, the year Asian American media broke. Beginning by Everything Everywhere All At Once taking home a phenomenal seven Oscars at the Academy Awards, including Best Picture, it was a banner year for Asian and Asian American media. Emotional,…

Stay Warm – A Charlie Chin Short Story

By Contributed | December 12, 2023

By Charlie Chin. Posted December 12, 2023. “Today President Wilson has officially declared that the United States is joining the European Allies in the Great War.”  Detective Carter shook his head in disgust as he put down the newspaper.  He had seen enough of battle.  He had his fill in 1900 when he took part…

MOSF 18.12:  Election Season 2024: Deconstructing the Trump/Far-Right Playbook and Propaganda, and Constructing a Positive Response From Our Shared Humanity and Reality

By Ravi Chandra | December 1, 2023

2024’s consequential election season looms. Psychiatrist Ravi Chandra takes a look at the Far-Right playbook and the choice between autocratic and egalitarian-in-progress choices, with a focus on psychology, propaganda, and dangerous influences that are amplifying chances of violence.

AZ AANHPI for Equity Gears Up for 2024 Election with $100,000 Matching Fund Drive

By Eddie Wong | November 24, 2023

By Eddie Wong. Posted November 24, 2023 We are less than one year away from a presidential election that could return Trump to the White House and plunge our country into an authoritarian abyss where civil rights will be sharply curtailed.  Whipping up racism and xenophobia against immigrants and Muslims is not new to Trump…