“There is no winning unless we’re all winning” – Interview with Chavi Koneru on Asian Americans and Cross-Racial Solidarity in North Carolina

By Eddie Wong | March 7, 2022

Interview by Eddie Wong. Posted March 7, 2022. Intro:  Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in North Carolina with a 65% growth rate over the last decade. Along with population growth is growing political empowerment as the AAPI vote increased by 52% between 2016 and 2020.  North Carolina Asian Americans Together is at the…

All You Can Eat – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | March 3, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted March 3, 2022. Introduction: Welcome to a new story by Charlie Chin, interpreter of the human heart and its passionate ups and down.  The title may lead you to think this tale is about food and you would be partially correct. The ending is delicious but I’m not going to spoil…

Happy New Year – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | February 3, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted Feb. 3, 2022. Intro: Welcome to the Year of the Tiger. Charlie Chin’s new story touches on perennial themes of duty and obligation versus free will wrapped around family tensions regarding love and marriage. It brought back fond memories of going to the Wong family association every Sunday as my father…

APIAVote Mobilizes Against Voter Suppression – Interview with Christine Chen

By Eddie Wong | January 29, 2022

By Eddie Wong. Posted January 29, 2022 Introduction:  Christine Chen is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote), a proven coalition builder and resource to 78 national and  local groups working on APA voter engagement. In the following interview, Christine addresses the recent wave of legislation aimed at suppressing voter…

State of (Dis)Union or How to Lean Away from Despair Towards Hope

By Eddie Wong | January 27, 2022

Voter Mobilization Must Combat Voter Suppression. By Eddie Wong. Posted January 27, 2022. It’s now the end of January and 2022 is off to a tumultuous start. Like a berserk wrestler who has gone off-script, we’re witnessing back-to-back body slams with “Eye of the Tiger” blaring as the soundtrack. Turmoil, anger, distrust and sadness are…

MOSF 17.2: “THE EXILES” – The Tank Man or the Tank?

By Ravi Chandra | January 24, 2022

THE EXILES is a film for our time, chronicling the career of Christine Choy and the struggle of dissidents and exiles from the democracy movement in China post-1989. The Chinese government, like the GOP, is trying to erase memory and history to maintain power.

Hank Bittle – a short story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | January 15, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted January 15, 2022.     After thirty years of working at the Gatlin, Georgia Feed Mill, Hank Bittle decided to take his first vacation. The boys were both on their own, Lucy was gone for over three years now.  Hattie, the waitress at the Cozy Café in town, suggested Hank take a…

MOSF 17.1: SF School Board Recall is a Cover for Racism and Elitism. Vote No!

By Ravi Chandra | January 12, 2022

The San Francisco School Board Recall Special Election on February 15, 2022 channels frustration about COVID school closures into racist and elitist outcomes and agendas.

Mapping the Unfamliar: A Review of Navigating with(out) Instruments by traci kato-kiriyama

By Contributed | January 11, 2022

By Christian Hanz Lozada. Posted on Jan. 11, 2022. Late in 2021, after reading just a handful of pieces in Navigating With(out) Instruments while bedside as my brother recovered from surgery (surgeons removed a tumor and he’s recovering nicely), I messaged traci kato-kiriyama about feeling seen on so many levels so quickly into their book.…

Maria Ressa and the Spirit of West Side Story

By Contributed | December 31, 2021

Why the goosebump-inducing moments of Maria Ressa’s Nobel prize-winning speech resonate with the imagery of the new ‘West Side Story’ By Sandip Roy. Posted Dec. 31, 2021. Introduction: On December 10, 2021, two valiant journalists, Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. Both of them head investigative news organizations, Ressa with Rappler in…