Organizing in a Battleground State – Interview with Jennifer Chau – AZ AANHPI for Equity

By Eddie Wong | May 9, 2022

By Eddie Wong. Posted May 9, 2022 Introduction: In our continuing series of articles about Asian American organizing in this crucial 2022 midterm election, we turn our attention to Arizona where Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders comprise nearly 5% of the electorate. In 2020, Joe Biden won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes with a .4% victory…

MOSF 17.7: CAAMFest40 Shorts – Boundless Questions for Women’s Rights, Mental Health, and our Journeys in Time

By Ravi Chandra | May 9, 2022

Meaning, relationship and wellness have dominated my concerns as I’ve previewed shorts programs for CAAMFest40, which are all available on-demand May 12-20th, worldwide without geoblocking. Here, I talk first-and-foremost about women’s rights anticipating the release of the Dobb’s opinion.

Resilience & Resistance on the 140th anniversary of the CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT

By Eddie Wong | May 4, 2022

by Eddie Wong. Posted May 4, 2022 I’ve been busy over the past few months working with old and new friends in San Francisco Chinatown to develop plans to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT, which was signed by President Chester Arthur on May 6, 1882.  All of the people in the…

MOSF 17.6: Orna Guralnick, Showtime’s “Couples Therapy”, and the White Savior Complex

By Ravi Chandra | May 4, 2022

There was, to my eyes in season 1 of Showtime’s Couples Therapy, a gradient, a hierarchy, one which should make us deeply uncomfortable; one that goes to the ugly, inflamed wound of our diseased culture. We must not look away.

Peach Blossom Bathing at Masumoto Family Farm

By Contributed | May 1, 2022

by Dianne Fukami. Posted May 1, 2022. An invitation for “peach blossom bathing” in California’s Central Valley was intriguing. Do you bathe in a pool of peach blossoms? Or is it more like Japan’s “forest bathing,” which encourages people to spend time in nature and absorb the forest atmosphere? So, my husband Gerry and I…

Contextualizing the Chinese Exclusion Act

By Contributed | April 18, 2022

By Gordon H. Chang. Posted April 18, 2022 Introduction: On May 6, 2022, we mark the 140th anniversary of the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act. It was the nation’s first law that declared one ethnic group, the Chinese, as undesirable immigrants and declared all Chinese in the U.S. ineligible for citizenship. We are pleased…

MOSF 17.5: Meditation on the Ascension of Ketanji Brown Jackson, April 9, 2022

By Ravi Chandra | April 9, 2022

I bawled like a baby while listening to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s remarks on the South Lawn yesterday. I should cry more often.

Interview with May Liang, director of “Endlings,” new Korean American play

By Mark Pickus | April 6, 2022

by Mark Pickus. Posted April 6, 2022. I recently had the privilege of interviewing May Liang, artistic director of Ferocious Lotus Theater Company and director of Endlings. The play runs from April 8 to May 1.  It is being presented in collaboration with the Oakland Theater Project. MP:  Can you tell me a little bit…

Hanami: Flower Viewing Trip 1971

By Eddie Wong | April 5, 2022

by Eddie Wong. Posted April 5, 2022. Scrolling through Facebook has become a daily ritual for me.  Facebook is annoying to many people – the endless stream of party pictures, what I ate last night at that trendy restaurant, and mindless rants – but on the plus side Facebook offers a place to stumble upon…

Dr. Gong Returns – a short story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | April 5, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted April 5, 2022. Introduction:  Charlie Chin introduces us to Dr. Gong, a Chinese herbalist in New York Chinatown, with this tantalizing tale. Watch for more Dr. Gong stories in coming months. The old Chinese woman was screaming hysterically and pointing back at the tenement building.  The old woman didn’t speak English and…