Life of A Yellow Pearl: Reflections with Nobuko Miyamoto

By Contributed | July 20, 2023

by Diana Tsuchida. Posted July 20, 2023 Nobuko Miyamoto, a force of activism, creativity and intersectional solidarity, has been one of the community’s great thought leaders and advocates for independent storytelling for more than 50 years. With childhood aspirations to study ballet and dance, Nobuko’s passion for the arts was supported by her parents, which…

“Celebrating Activism and Community,” Is Theme of 50-Year CANE Anniversary on Aug. 19 – ANTI-EVICTION PROTESTS BY JAPANTOWN ACTIVISTS AND RESIDENTS TO BE COMMEMORATED

By Contributed | July 18, 2023

By June Hibino. Posted July 18, 2023. In 1975 and 1976 in San Francisco, members of the Committee Against Nihonmachi Eviction (CANE) – tired of seeing residents and small businesses being ignored and disrespected by the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) – staged sit-ins at the Mayor’s office and at the RDA office in the Western Addition.…

“Iron Horse Road,” an immersive, aural exploration of Chinese railroad builders debuts July 19

By Contributed | July 17, 2023

by Hao Huang. Posted July 17, 2023. Introduction:  East Wind ezine was proud to support Hao and Micah Huang’s podcast “Blood on Gold Mountain,” which is a radio history/drama about the Los Angeles Chinatown massacre of 1871. It premiered in June 2021. (see link below). They return with another innovative work “Iron Horse Road” with…

MOSF 18.6 Affirmative Action: SCOTUS and the Dominant Culture Tell on Themselves (Part 2)

By Ravi Chandra | July 14, 2023

SCOTUS’s decision on Affirmative Action adds to the penalty of early death to millions of Black, but also likely Latinx, Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander lives. As poet Terrance Hayes said of Donald Trump, “I think this dude is trying to kill me.”

MOSF 18.5 Affirmative Action: SCOTUS and the Dominant Culture Tell on Themselves (Part 1)

By Ravi Chandra | July 1, 2023

The SCOTUS ruling on Affirmative Action is a setback for the mental health of the entire nation. And a constitutional, electoral, spiritual and moral call to action.

Searching for Susie Wong: A Great-Granddaughter’s Journey through Time, Space, and Imagination

By Contributed | June 2, 2023

By Linda Wing. Posted June 2, 2023. Introduction In this 1912 photograph, a woman sits still, her hair pulled back in a timeless style. She is wearing a shimmering silk jacket; her earrings and necklace are made of Chinese gold. She looks us right in the eye, serenely, with a hint of a smile on…

The Real Americans of World War II: Friends of the American Way

By Contributed | June 1, 2023

By Susie Ling. Posted June 1, 2023. “In the 1960’s at McKinley Junior High, kids would start fights with me because of what my father and my grandfather were doing,” said Christopher Carr. “When I became an officer for the Pasadena Police Department in the 1970s, Japanese Americans would stare at my name tag. When…

They Come At Night – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | May 31, 2023

By Charlie Chin. Posted May 31, 2023.     “Will you please stop and come to bed?”  My wife is always annoyed at my habit of checking that the doors are locked, that the windows are shut, and that there’s a working night light in the hallway before I lie down.      I don’t blame…

Reclaiming Our Radical Working-Class History During APAHM

By Eddie Wong | May 24, 2023

by Eddie Wong. Posted May 24, 2023 I get it – Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) is a time to celebrate Asian Pacific American Pride, which takes many forms from corporate sponsorship of events (a not-so-subtle way of virtue signaling via product placement but still an improvement over ignoring us entirely) to community-based festivals…

MOSF 18.4: “Joy Ride” and Asian Pride!

By Ravi Chandra | May 12, 2023

“Joy Ride” dives into all our communal cringes and pulls out comic gold and Asian pride. It’s the kind of film that makes me say “we gonna be alright.” The girls’ (and nonbinary’s) trip from “Joy Luck Club” to “Joy Ride” teach us how to feel, speak and shout joy in that still developing language of Asian American that’s being birthed in our souls.