The COVID-19 pandemic has left thousands of people dead and sickened all over the world.  Yet, there is still relatively little media coverage of the dire conditions faced by refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and stateless people in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.  Crowded conditions on top of lack of clean water and adequate food, shelter and medical services place millions of people in jeopardy.  It is a catastrophe that is bound to unfold unless the the world community commits resources to deal with the multiple problems.

I put together this short video to highlight conditions in several camps and allow the migrants and staff to tell their own stories.  The footage comes from the Associated Press, BBC News, China Global Television, Doctors without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. The musical passage is by Agnes Obel from a live performance of “A Parliament of Owls” on KCRW radio.


If you’d like to read more about this issue, here’s a short article from the April 7, 2020 edition of The Nation: For Refugee Camps, Covid 19 is a Death Sentence.

Cover Photo:

Staff training session at a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Photo by Maruf Hasan from International Rescue Committee website.

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