Blood on Gold Mountain – Two Remaining Podcasts June 30 and July 14

By Eddie Wong.  I’m sorry that I’m bringing you news belatedly about the groundbreaking podcast “Blood on Gold Mountain,” but better late than never as there are two remaining podcasts in the seven-part series.  The episodes will drop on June 30 and July 14.

Producer Hao Huang, professor at Scripps College, wanted East Wind ezine readers to help spread the word. “This multi-episode podcast series about the 1871 LA Chinatown massacre commemorates the worst mass race lynching on the West Coast, when at least 20 Chinese immigrants were killed in one night by a crowd of about 500 Angelenos, which accounted for nearly one-fifth of the male population of the city,” wrote Huang. “This podcast series tells the story through the eyes of Yut-Hot, a young woman who arrives in Los Angeles a refugee, only to become embroiled in a love intrigue, a gang war, and ultimately the LA Chinatown Massacre. This little-known chapter of history finds eerie parallels to the vicious anti-Asian American attacks that are taking place today in the USA, spurred by racism and COVID-19 fears.”

Click on this link for Blood on Gold Mountain

This true but largely forgotten event from California’s past is brought to you by the Holmes Performing Arts Fund of the Claremont Colleges, the Music Department of Scripps College, the Pacific Basin Institute of Pomona College, the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department at The New England Conservatory, and the Public Events Office at Scripps College.

It is hosted by Hao Huang, Micah Huang, and Emma Gies, featuring original music by Micah Huang and The Flower Pistils.

In this 5 minute video by Now This, the father and son team who worked on “Blood on Gold Mountain” tell us what compelled them to produce this podcast series.

Now This video on Blood on Gold Mountain

Cover Image:

Main street in LA Chinatown @1882. Photo from Calif State Library.

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