MOSF 19.3: Faces/Places: Late Night In-Flight Thoughts Returning from my 40th High School Reunion at Cranbrook Kingswood

By Ravi Chandra | June 15, 2024

A reflection on my 40th high school reunion at Cranbrook Kingswood school: a journey of cringe and compassion, down the river of self.

Karl Evangelista and Grex: Pioneering Change Through Music with “Auntie + Tebs”

By Contributed | May 29, 2024

By Stephanie Gancayco. Posted May 29, 2024. One could argue about the fundamental role that art plays in a revolution; but with wars, genocides and massive injustices raging in every corner of the globe, speaking out no longer feels like just an option. For Filipino American guitarist and composer Karl Evangelista, creating politically-fueled music that…

MOSF 19.2: Remembering Nguyen Qui Duc, Where the Ashes Are, and Who We Are

By Ravi Chandra | May 27, 2024

Nguyen Qui Duc, journalist, entrepreneur, and friend, passed away in November, 2023. Here is a memorial to Duc, and a review of his groundbreaking memoir, “Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese American Family,” which was one of the first refugee memoirs of the Vietnamese diaspora.

Memories of Mindanao: Part Three – Lake Sebu

By Contributed | May 25, 2024

by Conrad Benedicto. Posted May 25, 2024 Is there anything more magical than a lake in the sky? After several hours in the hot countryside, we drove up into the green, wet mountains and there it was. At the crest of a hill behind the crowded lushness of the forest you catch a glimpse: bits…

The Literature of Japanese American Incarceration: Missing links of my history and warnings for our country’s future.

By Contributed | May 15, 2024

By Peter Horikoshi. Posted May 15, 2024 One of my biggest regrets in life was not asking my parents about their incarceration at the Heart Mountain “Relocation Center” in Wyoming during World War II. My brother and older sister were also imprisoned there but were far too young to remember anything about living in the…

Exploring Identity and Solidarity Through Art: Where Is Your Body Exhibition at SOMArts

By Contributed | May 13, 2024

By Stephanie Gancayco. Posted May 13, 2024 In 2024, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) representation in pop culture is reaching new heights – from actors like Ali Wong and Steven Yeun garnering Best Actress and Best Actor wins at the Golden Globes to K-Pop groups like ATEEZ playing prime time spots at Coachella. Amidst…


By Contributed | May 12, 2024

By Hope Shinpo. Posted May 12, 2024 Many activists have been working incredibly hard every day to demand an end to the genocide of the Palestinians, to demand that immigrants be treated like human beings, and are fighting for many other social justice issues in this country.  This organizing is critically important and must continue…

The Account of “Walks Far” – A Charlie Chin Short Story

By Contributed | May 11, 2024

by Charlie Chin. Posted May 11, 2024    Discovered in the attic of an old “Noodle House” Chinese restaurant in Helena, Montana, and unread for over a hundred years, the personal account of a Chinese man who participated Black Hills, Dakota Gold Rush, was discovered.  Sent to historian Prof. Chan Gkin Mon for translation, the…

Byron Rumford and Black History at Cal: Fiat Lux

By Contributed | May 5, 2024

By Linda Wing. Posted May 5, 2024 Recently, I participated in UC Berkeley’s brand-new Black History Tour. Gia White, our guide and co-creator of the tour, provided insights into the experiences of students and faculty members dating back to 1881. It was then, 143 years ago, when the first Black student enrolled at Cal. We…

Memories of Mindanao: Part Two – Cotabato

By Contributed | April 14, 2024

By Conrad Benedicto. Posted April 14, 2024 From 2/17/23 to 3/4/23 I participated in TribuTur, a “hands on field study custom-designed for participants to explore, discover, and draw empowerment from indigenous Pilipino cultures of Mindanao.” The tour is conducted by the venerable SF arts organization Kularts and its visionary artistic director, Alleluia Panis. The following…