MOSF 19.7: The Attempted Political Assassination of President Biden and Discovering America’s “Collective Psyche”

By Ravi Chandra | July 20, 2024

Democrats are in disarray. What does this unsightly mess reveal? Dr. Ravi Chandra takes a biopsy of the collective psyche, and hopes insight helps The Emergence win over The Authority in mind and society.

MOSF 19.6: Media Biases 2024: Hysteria, Hype, and Hate

By Ravi Chandra | July 17, 2024

by Ravi Chandra, M.D. Media has unconscious and implicit biases, and also can consciously manipulate through ideology. How do we help cultivate cool heads and warm hearts in the media and political scrum? An expansion of a redacted article published today in Psychology Today.

Election 2024: Fight Despair, Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

By Eddie Wong | July 16, 2024

By Eddie Wong. Bonus Video by Alan Kondo “Bam Gone.” Posted July 16, 2024. A Challenging Landscape I’m writing this article as the GOP/MAGA convention begins and a deep sense of dread and despair overwhelms me.  Over the next four days, we will witness the coronation of Donald Trump, a convicted felon now imbued with…

What the 2024 Elections Mean to Me – Reflections of a Civil Rights Movement Veteran

By Contributed | July 11, 2024

by Marion Kwan. Posted July 11, 2024 Why is Style more relevant than Substance? There is the hair style; the slow walks to the podiums; the slurs, the agism; the sparring between two consenting males in locker-room-bashing; the rhetoric.  Dis-and mis-information is in style too. But I am looking for substance: where is poverty, homelessness/unhoused,…

MOSF 19.5: Dangerous Charisma: Unpacking Trump’s Leadership and His Followers’ Mentality

By Ravi Chandra | July 1, 2024

Former CIA psychiatric profiler Jerrold Post looks at leader-follower relations, predicts outcomes. By Ravi Chandra, M.D.

MOSF 19.4: “Joe is a Weak Palestinian”: Trump’s Racism and Toxic Masculinity Are Unconditionally Disqualifying

By Ravi Chandra | June 28, 2024

As a psychiatrist, my professional opinion is that a single exchange in the debate last night reveals, exposes, and reminds us:  Trump is a racist, toxic male. As a leader, he will be continue to be destructive to our mental health and social well-being. Biden is old yet competent, and has broadly earned our trust. Historians and experts rate Biden in the top third of all presidents, while Trump ranks dead last. Our choice in November is not ideal, but should be clear to us all.By Ravi Chandra.

Lavender – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | June 24, 2024

by Charlie Chin. Posted June 24, 2024       “Mr. Wong, there’s one of those homeless people at the front door asking for something to eat, should I lock the door?”        “No, it’s O.K. Bobby.”  I glanced at the clock; it was 10:25 PM.  We would be closed in another 35 minutes.   The…

MOSF 19.3: Faces/Places: Late Night In-Flight Thoughts Returning from my 40th High School Reunion at Cranbrook Kingswood

By Ravi Chandra | June 15, 2024

A reflection on my 40th high school reunion at Cranbrook Kingswood school: a journey of cringe and compassion, down the river of self.

Karl Evangelista and Grex: Pioneering Change Through Music with “Auntie + Tebs”

By Contributed | May 29, 2024

By Stephanie Gancayco. Posted May 29, 2024. One could argue about the fundamental role that art plays in a revolution; but with wars, genocides and massive injustices raging in every corner of the globe, speaking out no longer feels like just an option. For Filipino American guitarist and composer Karl Evangelista, creating politically-fueled music that…

MOSF 19.2: Remembering Nguyen Qui Duc, Where the Ashes Are, and Who We Are

By Ravi Chandra | May 27, 2024

Nguyen Qui Duc, journalist, entrepreneur, and friend, passed away in November, 2023. Here is a memorial to Duc, and a review of his groundbreaking memoir, “Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese American Family,” which was one of the first refugee memoirs of the Vietnamese diaspora.