Learn From the Dreams of Our Grandchildren

By Contributed | May 23, 2022

by Pam Tau Lee. Posted May 23, 2022. This past weekend in Chinatown, I read hundreds of messages written as part of a project called “Love Letter to Chinatown.” It is a response to the Anti-Asian violence in the Bay Area and in Atlanta. While the messages were intergenerational, most were from young adults. Here’s just…

A Dream of Drowning: A Review of Caroline M. Mar’s Dream of the Lake

By Contributed | May 23, 2022

by Claire Light. Posted May 23, 2022. When I think of Lake Tahoe, I think of the place as it is now: resort enclave of the wealthy, West Coast types who like the outdoors and rugged, extreme sports. I think of a basin lake, deep blue, famously blue, and clear. I think of SUVs and…

The Istanbul Café – Short Story by Charlie Chin

By Contributed | May 19, 2022

by Charlie Chin. Posted May 19, 2022. Introduction: There’s nothing quite like a good con as it unspools in movies like “The Sting,” “The Grifters,” “American Hustle”, or any of “Oceans 11,12, 13” movies.  The con is the essence of acting, i.e., convincing you of a desired reality that may not be what it appears…

Gratitude at the 140th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act

By Eddie Wong | May 17, 2022

by Eddie Wong. Posted May 17, 2022. One of the joys of building community is working with like-minded people for a common purpose. This was certainly true in the case of organizing for the 140th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act in San Francisco.  Five years ago, we organized a large rally in Portsmouth Square…

MOSF 17.8: From Bad Axe to Chinatown to Hong Kong, Let Freedom Ring

By Ravi Chandra | May 16, 2022

Three films at CAAMFest this weekend brought home the central conflict of our times: social dominance orientation vs. what I call relational-cultural-contextual orientation. The latter is central to Asian and Asian American psychology, as well as other non-individualistic Black and Brown societies, feminine consciousness, and on a deeper level, our common humanity and compassion itself. To my knowledge, this way of viewing our times has not been discussed in this way, particularly in the Asian American community, and is potentially a paradigm shift that could fuel growth and change on our journeys of identity, belonging, wellness and meaning. In the end, we do have to fight for and affirm our human dignity, as well as affirm the human dignity of others.

Organizing in a Battleground State – Interview with Jennifer Chau – AZ AANHPI for Equity

By Eddie Wong | May 9, 2022

By Eddie Wong. Posted May 9, 2022 Introduction: In our continuing series of articles about Asian American organizing in this crucial 2022 midterm election, we turn our attention to Arizona where Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders comprise nearly 5% of the electorate. In 2020, Joe Biden won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes with a .4% victory…

MOSF 17.7: CAAMFest40 Shorts – Boundless Questions for Women’s Rights, Mental Health, and our Journeys in Time

By Ravi Chandra | May 9, 2022

Meaning, relationship and wellness have dominated my concerns as I’ve previewed shorts programs for CAAMFest40, which are all available on-demand May 12-20th, worldwide without geoblocking. Here, I talk first-and-foremost about women’s rights anticipating the release of the Dobb’s opinion.

Resilience & Resistance on the 140th anniversary of the CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT

By Eddie Wong | May 4, 2022

by Eddie Wong. Posted May 4, 2022 I’ve been busy over the past few months working with old and new friends in San Francisco Chinatown to develop plans to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT, which was signed by President Chester Arthur on May 6, 1882.  All of the people in the…

MOSF 17.6: Orna Guralnick, Showtime’s “Couples Therapy”, and the White Savior Complex

By Ravi Chandra | May 4, 2022

There was, to my eyes in season 1 of Showtime’s Couples Therapy, a gradient, a hierarchy, one which should make us deeply uncomfortable; one that goes to the ugly, inflamed wound of our diseased culture. We must not look away.

Peach Blossom Bathing at Masumoto Family Farm

By Contributed | May 1, 2022

by Dianne Fukami. Posted May 1, 2022. An invitation for “peach blossom bathing” in California’s Central Valley was intriguing. Do you bathe in a pool of peach blossoms? Or is it more like Japan’s “forest bathing,” which encourages people to spend time in nature and absorb the forest atmosphere? So, my husband Gerry and I…